A quest in improvisation as a new performative compositional tool 

As an artist and researcher she is curious about how people understand each other, how do the surroundings and lifestyle alter the reaction of public to artistic and social situations? She is seeking to bring the most recent observations to different places around the world to gather a collection of responses from people who are living in the fastest and most connected moment so far in human history. She wants to engage and allow her performances to be changed and directed by a performative approach  which creates an opportunity to find the commonalities between performers and generate conversation between them. As an artist from mixed background which are in themselves very diverse, this approach will allow her to create a transformative works that explores perspectives of art, culture, society and personal experiences. 
This interactive research+performance is a living and breathing score which she wish to share to demonstrate and encourage empathy, understanding and conversation to anyone who wishes to take part. She is currenly writing her master thesis on " A quest in improvisation in spectral music as a compositional tool " She show some of the first result at the colloquium of ITU-MIAM. Please contact for the further informations and collabrations, 

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