Luminescence:From Venus 

Duration : 5'

Premiered: 12.05.19

Premiered by : Antwerp Symphony Orchestra 

Conductor : Wim Henderickx 


...Your elegance is not my elegance...

Duration : 7'

Instrumentation: Bas flute,Bas Clarinet,Percussion,Piano,Violin,Viola Violoncello

Premiered: 11.04.19

Premiered by : Hezarfen Ensemble Istanbul 

Conductor: Sibil Arsenyan 

Coup de Universe 

Duration: 5'

Instrumentation: Obua,Flute,Clarinet,Duduk,Qanun,Percussion,Violoncello

Premiered: 05.09.16

Premiered by: Atlas Ensemble  Amsterdam,Netherlands

Conductor: Artyom Kim 

Hyperborean Race 

Duration: 7' 44''

Instrumentation: Violin,Violoncello,Keyboard,Voice,Electronics,Visuals,Dancer

Premiered: 01.03.17 Bomontiada,Istanbul  

Premiered by: Klank.ist 

Lemurian Race 

Duration: 3'

Instrumentation: Violin I, Violin II,Viola,Violoncello,Piano

Premiered: 09.04.17 Istanbul,Sureya Opera House 

Premiered by : Hezarfen Ensemble 

Ruya Kapani 

Duration: 4'

Instrumentation: String Quartet

Premiered: 17.04.16 Istanbul Sureya Opera House 

Premiered by :Mehmet Yasemin,İmge Tilif,Filip Kowalski,
Indira Mas

Chamber Music

I should have known a better romance

Duration: 5'

Instrumentation: Saxophone,Violin,Piano

Premiered: 08.09.19 at Gaudeamus Festival,Netherlands

Premiered by :Kugoni Trio

I took a train to Mars 

Duration: 14'

Instrumentation: Violoncello,Guitar,Voice,Keyboard,Electronics

Premiered: 12.07.19 Berlin,Germany

Premiered by: Klank.ist 

Politically correct minorities 

Duration: 10'

Instrumentation: Viola,Flute,Electronics 

Co-composed with Lucas Rei Ramos

Premiered: 06.07.19 in Belgium at Alden Biesen Castle

Premiered by: Hermes Ensemble (Marc Tooten,Karin De Fleyt) ,Lucas Rei Ramos,Eda Er


Everything's gone wrong

Duration: 20'

Instrumentation: Voice,electronics,electric guitar,electric cello 

Premiered: 26.05.19 Istanbul, Bova " Take the aid train" 

Premiered by: Eda Er,Zeynep Ayse Hatipoglu,Asli Kobaner 



Instrumentation: Viola,Clarinet,Piano,Electronics

Duration: 4'

Premiered: 07.07.17 in Belgium at Neerpelt

Premiered by: Hermes Ensemble( Marc Tooten,Peter Merckx),Umut Eldem,Eda Er


Lullaby of Birth 

Instrumentation: Baglama,Violoncello,Trombone

Duration: 7' 

Premiered: 21.03.19

Premiered by: Baris Aygun, Boran Mert, Mert Unal at Samsun organized by Klank.ist 

Benji: A Taurean Story 

Instrumentation: Percussion Trio 

Duration: 4'

Premiered: 16.01.19 Istanbul, Miam 

Premiered by Tanya Tarazan, Ceyla Onlat, Ozgu Bulut at Istanbul, Arts of Noise 


Het leven is net een krentenbol, met af en toe een hard stukje

Instrumentation: Ney,Violoncello,Piano 

Duration: 5'

Premiered: 08.10.18 

Premiered by: Ayca Arin,Baris Aygun at Samsun Klank.ist event 

Atlantean Race 

Instrumentation: Contrabass,Piano

Duration: 4' 

Studio Recording: February 2017 

Performed by : Ozgur Yilmaz,Eda Er 

Solo Instrument 

While they were devouring...

Duration: 8'

Instrumentation: Solo Piano

Premiered: 24.06.18 at Alba Nova Festival,Belgium 

Premiered by :Mathias Coppens

It's just an Illusion

Duration: 6'

Instrumentation: Solo Violin

Premiered: 11.05.18 Istanbul

                  19.03.19 Amsterdam,Netherlands( Second Performance)

Premiered by: Christine Cornwell 



Duration: 5' 40''

Instrumentation: Solo Clarinet and live electronics

Premiered: 07.07.18 in Belgium at Alden Biesen Castle

Premiered by: Tom Collier,Eda Er


Est-ce une Utopie ? 

Duration: 10'

Instrumentation: Solo Cello 

Performed: 05.05.19 Barcelona, Spain ( Work in Process)

Premier : TBA 

Performed by: Leo Morello 

...Right in front of you,what you are looking for...

Duration: 15'

Instrumentation:Solo violin with fixed media

Premier : TBA 

Commissioned by Sarah Mareen Cave



Future Race

Duration: 6'15''

I should have known a certain romance 

Duration: 8'

For the album Noise Ground Compilation in Istanbul 

Released: March 19


Duration: 10'

Premiered: 11.04.18 Sonar D Festival,Istanbul 



Waves of Memories 

Duration: 30' 

Collaboration with Anne Van De Star 


Mamut Art Project, Istanbul          

Theater- Dance 

Iki Kardes - Ikincikat Production 

Director: Eyup Emre Ucaray

Premiered: 2015

Duration: 30'

Harikulade Bir Ciftin Badireli ev yasami - Clout Theater Production

Director: Mine Cerci

Premiered: 2016

Duration: 50'

Vibrator Oyunu-Ikincikat Production 

Director: Eyup Emre Ucaray 


Duration: 20'

Isiltili Hasereler -Ikincikat Production

Director: Eyup Emre Ucaray

Premiered: 2017 

Duration: 10'

Ellipsis- Bomontiada Alt Production(Dance) 

Director: Fatih Genckal

Premiered: 2017

Duration: 40'

Tavsan Deligi- Berika Collective Production( Dance)

Director: Ufuk Senel-Can Bora 

Premiered: 2018 

Duration: 50' 

Mazgal- Tiyatro Obs* Production 

Director: Umit Cirak

Premiered: 2018 

Duration: 20' 

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