Eda Er is a composer of instrumental, electroacoustic, sonic art, and theatre music and a voice and electronic music performer based in Istanbul. She did her bachelor's degree in music composition and sound technologies. She studied composition with Tolga Tuzun, Instrumentation and orchestration Turgut Pogun and Tolga Zafer Ozdemir, Sound Design and Studio Practises Mine Erkaya and Michael Nielsen in her bachelor education. She studied composition with Reuben De Lautour, Jeremy Woodruff in her master education. She also had classes with Jerfi Aji, Paul Whitehead,Robert Reigle, Jane Harrison on music theory,music history,ethnomusicology and music cognition at same school. She had composition lessons from Wim Henderickx and had masterclasses with Diederik Glorieux, Jorrit Tamminga, Joel Bons, Stefano Gervasoni, Laurie San Martin, Kamran Ince, and Artyom Kim. Her compositions had performed in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the USA, and Turkey.

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